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This is an interactive map linking nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation outcomes based on a systematic review of the peer-reviewed literature.
With this tool you can1 | Explore evidence on how effective different nature-based interventions are for addressing climate change impacts
2 | Compare social, economic, and ecological effects of different nature-based interventions
3 | Filter by region, country, ecosystem type, intervention type, or type of outcome
4 | Generate maps, graphs and download data
5 | Directly link from science to national climate policy

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Typology and matrix of nature-based solutions for climate adaptation

Conservation International and Nature-based Solutions Initiative worked together to prepare a typology of Nature-based solutions (NbS) for climate adaptation that identifies specific nature-based solutions (e.g., restoration with native species, assisted migration of plant species, fire management) implemented in specific ecosystems shown to be effective in reducing specific climate impacts (e.g., freshwater flooding, coastal erosion, drought) and a matrix that presents that information. The typology of NbS for climate adaptation, presented in the matrix, was prepared as a need to further specify the suite of NbS effective in reducing the effects of specific climate impacts, as presented in Chausson, Turner et al. 2020. As such, the information presented in the matrix can help practitioners, policy makers, non-governmental and governmental organizations and researchers to implement specific NbS that are likely to deliver desirable climate adaptation outcomes. The typology and matrix are based on the data collected for Chausson, Turner et al. 2020 , the first global systematic map of evidence on the effectiveness of nature-based solutions for addressing the impacts of climate change and hydrometeorological hazards on people.

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