Evidence Platform

This free tool will help decision makers working at the nexus of climate change, conservation and development planning rapidly find evidence most relevant to them, including evidence that should underpin target setting in climate policy. It will also enhance our understanding of the effectiveness of nature-based solutions, including greater clarity on what research is urgently needed.

Coming 2019

This is an interactive map linking nature-based solutions to evidence on addressing climatic impacts, based on a systematic review of the peer-reviewed literature.


  • 1 | explore evidence on how effective different nature-based interventions are for addressing climate change impacts
  • 2 | compare social, economic, and environmental effects of different nature-based interventions
  • 3 | filter by region, country, biome, or type of outcome
  • 4 | generate maps, graphs and download data
  • 5 | directly link from science to national climate policy